E. Lockhart (e_lockhart) wrote,
E. Lockhart

New people on the Friends List

Okay, the elockhar feed, which is my actual Typepad-hosted blog, is now running again, for those of you who were severely deprived of reading ridiculous memes, quizzes and musings on teen literature this past week or so.

New to my friends list:
larbalestier -- novelist Justine Larbalestier, author of Magic or Madness
sarazarr -- Sarah Zarr, author of the forthcoming Stories of a Girl
hornbookfeed -- Roger Sutton, inimitable editor of The Horn Book magazine
d_michiko_f -- Debbi Michiko Florence, writer and curator of a wonderful website with lots of author interviews, and
jbknowles -- Jo Knowles, YA novelist and organizer of the all-live-journal-finish-your-book-by-December project
cynthialord -- Cynthia Lord, author of Rules
cynthialeitich -- Cynthia Leitich Smith, author of Rain is Not My Indian Name and creator of a blog in which she interviews nearly everyone in children's and YA literature

So, as you can tell I am procrastinating writing DramaRama, which is my next book (not the next to come out, next to be written) and which is actually turning out pretty funny. It is about summer drama camp.
But I am fiddling around reading all the above very entertaining journals, instead of actually writing it.
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