E. Lockhart (e_lockhart) wrote,
E. Lockhart

Andrew Auseon and YAARC on the Friends List

andrewauseon, the syndicated blog of Andrew Auseon, author of Funny Little Monkey, is now on my Friends list. Hurrah!

Also yaarc, which is the syndication of a site for YALSA members and other YA literature folks, where people can exchange copies of Advance Reader Copies. It's fun to read, even if you never sign up for a single book, because you get a glimpse of what's coming out next season.


P.S. My regular blog, as always is at
and syndicated at elockhar --
as opposed to this LJ, which is e_lockhart and only functions to allow me to comment and organize a Friends list
AND as opposed to a syndication that has mysteriously appeared for the main page of my website, which almost never changes, which is elockhart and completely not worth your while.

Sorry that's so confusing. elockhar is the one to bother with. That's what I'm saying.
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